On May 25, 2023, our community engagement team (CET) commemorated HIV Vaccine Awareness Day by hosting an event aimed at promoting HIV vaccine education and awareness. The event was held at the Soshanguve JJ clinic. At the event, we educated healthcare professionals and community members about the importance of vaccination and dispelled common myths surrounding vaccines. We also distributed informational materials and resources to help people make informed decisions about getting tested for HIV and adhering to the prescribed treatment.

One of the key messages that emerged from our event was the importance of trusting science and medical experts when it comes to vaccine safety and efficacy. We emphasised that vaccines undergo rigorous testing and are constantly monitored for any potential side effects or risks. We also highlighted the many benefits of vaccination, including protecting against serious illnesses, reducing the spread of disease, and contributing to herd immunity.

The event also served as an opportunity to recognise and express gratitude to key stakeholders, including community members, for their contribution, collaboration, and dedication to SRC throughout each trial.

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