The spirit of unity and compassion resonated across Soshanguve this past Mandela Day with the Setshaba Winter Drive campaign.  Driven  by  the  desire  to  alleviate  food  and clothing insecurity, the initiative successfully collected  food items  and  warm  blankets  to  distribute  to  non-profit organisations (NPOs) in Soshanguve. The Setshaba delegates participated in a visit to the iKhaya la Bantwana orphanage in Soshanguve, block NN.  During the visit, the delegates interacted with the children and listened to their stories, understanding the importance of providing support and care for vulnerable communities. The campaign not only brought much-needed resources to those in need but also  fostered  a  sense  of  hope  and  solidarity  among  all participants.

Today, Nelson Mandela Day serves as a reminder of the ongoing work required to achieve global equity and sustainable development, encouraging people all over the world  to  take  action  and  make  a  positive  difference  in  their  communities. Sustainable development in Africa has faced significant challenges over the years, and  Mandela  Day  efforts  provided  inspiration  for  African  nations  while  also contributing to community development projects in South Africa in meaningful ways. By  aligning  Mandela  Day  with  the  UN  Sustainable  Goals  (SDGs),  we  were  able  to highlight the significance of the event in the township and emphasise our relevance on  a  larger  scale.  This connection not only increased awareness but also encouraged greater participation and support from the community.

UN SDGs highlighted by Setshaba on Mandela Day 

Goal 1: No Poverty

SDG 1 aims to eliminate extreme poverty by 2030, i.e., currently measured as people living on less than $1.25 per day.  It  also  aims  to  ensure  that  everyone  has  access  to  economic  resources,  education, sanitation, and public health services, as well as to reduce vulnerability to natural disasters.

Goal 2: No Hunger

SDG  2  is  geared  towards  eradicating  hunger  and  providing  nutritious  food  for  all  people,  especially children, pregnant women, and the elderly by 2030.

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