Introducing the Dr Khatija Ahmed (TB Clinic)


Tuberculosis (TB) remains a major public health concern worldwide, particularly in developing countries where the disease is endemic, and a lack of effective TB diagnostic and treatment-monitoring tools is a significant barrier to eradicating the disease. Poverty, a lack of education, and limited access to healthcare are all factors that contribute to the high prevalence of tuberculosis in developing countries. It is critical to address these underlying issues, increase funding for research and treatment, and develop innovative solutions for diagnosis and monitoring in order to combat the disease. Every diagnostic, intervention, and treatment that is carried out in tuberculosis (TB) programmes has been conceived of and refined through scientific study. This is the solution—focused brief therapy—for seeking major gains in health outcomes. The scientific approach used for every diagnostic, intervention, and treatment has greatly aided TB programmes. Solution-focused brief therapy is an effective tool for achieving significant improvements in health outcomes.

July 2022, the Setshaba’s  Executive Committee(EXCO) and sectional HODs were thrilled to have been joined by the OTSUKA study sponsor representatives in the reveal of the site’s new ‘TB’ clinic name in honour of Dr Khatija Ahmed. Dr Khatija Ahmed is the founding CEO of SRC and has led the organisation for nearly twenty years. Through her leadership, passion, commitment and dedication, the organisation has grown from a small HIV focused research site to an experienced, multi-faceted, world recognised research centre. Her research experience expands across various streams of research, including HIV, Tuberculosis (TB), Maternal, Peadiatric and Socio-Behavioral research, amongst others.

The Dr Khatija Ahmed Clinic will be an enduring testament to a woman who was not only a CEO or health professional but a Mbokoto who recognised the need to contribute to community, national and global health improvement through medical science. As a well-known and globally recognised researcher in the field, Dr Ahmed’s research contributions have been translated and published in several reputable scientific publications. SRC is proud to be led by this timeless leader and this clinic is therefore privileged to carry her name.