SRC Pharmacy is located within the SRC’s main building at ground level. The pharmacy has an access control system for authorized personnel only. There is a separate preparation area and also a separate counseling room. The Pharmacy has access to two back-up generators. There is also a CO2 backup on the equipment. The Pharmacy has Continuous Temperature Monitoring system (CTM) which alerts relevant staff members when the temperatures are out of range. Additional back up in the event of power failure and generator failure is through a signed agreement with Medunsa Clinical Research Unit (McREU), for transfer of study product if needed.

The Pharmacy is equipped with:

  • 2-8ºC Fridges
  • -20ºC freezers
  • -80ºC freezers
  • Bio-Hazard Safety Cabinet
  • Air-conditioning Units (installed in each room)
  • Back-up Mobile Air-conditioning Units

Additional administration equipments include:

  • Computers (With access to internet)
  • Network printers (Fax, Scanner and Photocopier)
  • Land line extensions (With access to national and international calls)