Setshaba is a demographically diverse research site, and is presently led by an Executive Committee (EXCO), which encompasses the four strategic leadership roles within the organization: CEO, Deputy CEO, COO and CFO.

The organisation has a staff complement of approximately 90 employees. This comprises of medical doctors, research nurses, pharmacists, laboratory technologists, regulatory officers,  data management staff, quality assurance personnel, study coordinators, social scientists, counsellors, community engagement officers, retention officers and other administrative staff. All relevant staff are fully ICH GCP trained.

The EXCO reports to the board of directors, who maintain oversight of the key operations and performance areas of the site, including financial and key operational matters.

The CEO and Deputy CEO lead the site’s research agenda and maintain close oversight of all the site processes to ensure that high-quality clinical research is conducted and standards of excellence are maintained. More details regarding their research experience are outlined below.

Dr Khatija Ahmed: Chief Executive Officer

Dr Khatija Ahmed, who is a medical doctor and clinical microbiologist by profession, with a wealth of experience in HIV and TB research has led the site since its inception in 2004, and under her leadership and guidance, the site has excelled and expanded its research portfolio. Dr Ahmed sits on the CONRAD’s Project Advisory Committee on Microbicide Product Development. She is also an active member of the Research Triangle Institute (RTI) Steering Committee of Multi-Purpose Technology Product Development. She is part of the Advancing Care and Treatment (ACT) for TB/HIV Consortium and has collaborations with the TB National Institute of Communicable Diseases (NICD) unit in South Africa. She is an active member of the TB Alliance Stakeholders Association. In addition, under her leadership, SRC is part of the Medinova Learnership Programme for the Development of early-career research staff. She has worked closely with many other research organizations, including both local and international organizations such as RTI, FHI360, Population Council and HVTN, to name but a few. She has co-authored a large number of research publications. Dr Ahmed has served as a Principal Investigator on many research trials, across different research focus areas and is committed to maintaining high standards of quality across all her studies.

Dr Mookho Malahleha: Deputy Chief Executive Officer

Dr Mookho Malahleha, is a medical doctor with a Master of Public Health degree and who has gained vast experience in HIV and TB research over the last 10 years. She is currently PI and Protocol Co-Chair on the HVTN 702 study, a large phase 3 HIV vaccine trial. Dr Malahleha is a member of the ACT for TB/HIV Consortium, RTI’s Steering Committee of Multi-Purpose Technology and TB Alliance’s Stakeholder Association (SHA). Moreover, she has held a position within the Tshwane Mayoral AIDS Council as a member representing the Key Population sector. She has been awarded the HVTN mentorship award in 2018 in recognition of her efforts to train and mentor research staff. Dr Malahleha has co-authored a number of publications. In addition, she has presented at a number of conferences, including both local and international conferences. She served as PI on a number of studies, including large TB and HIV studies.