The SRC’s on-site laboratory conducts all rapid diagnostics including pregnancy tests, HIV tests, Hepatitis B surface antigen (HBsAg) tests and Urine analysis. SRC has experience in working with a number of referral laboratories such as Bio-Analytical Research Corporation (BARC), Global Clinical Viral Laboratory (GCVL) and Contract Laboratory Service (CLS) as per sponsor preference. These referral laboratories are used to perform safety chemistry and haematological tests. The SRC laboratory is also capable of storing samples at -20ºC up to -80 ºC. The fridges, freezers, the environment and any storage areas at the site laboratory are monitored by a Continuous Temperature Monitoring System (CTM) which records temperature in real-time. The backup generators ensure constant power supply in the event of power interruption including a total power failure. An alert is sent to laboratory manager in an event of any significant temperature deviation.

The laboratory is equipped with:

  • Centrifuges, including a refrigerated centrifuge
  • Microscopes
  • 37ºC incubator
  • 2-8ºC Fridges
  • -20ºC freezers
  • -80ºC freezers
  • Back-up power support

Additional administration equipments include:

  • Computers (With access to internet)
  • Network printers (Fax, Scanner and Photocopier)
  • Land line extensions (With access to national and international calls)