SRC was founded in 2004 as a medical research centre with the objective of creating value and contributing to the greater good of society. The centre was developed with a core focus of conducting HIV prevention studies, specifically aimed at reducing the risk of HIV infection in women in particular, who are often a vulnerable population for a number of reasons.

Since its foundation in 2004, the centre has grown extensively and has developed the capacity to conduct large scale biomedical and social scientific research studies. Although our primary focus still remains on HIV prevention in women, we have also conducted other research trials including TB studies and other clinical and social studies.

Since 2008, SRC has been registered as a section 21 non-governmental organization and functions as an independent entity.

SRC’s vision is a vibrant, sustainable and professional research centre that is relevant and beneficial to the community.

SRC’s mission is to strive to be a community based centre that conducts relevant, ethical and cost beneficial research studies for the local community and partners.

SRC has experience in the following areas:

  • HIV Prevention trials: Microbicide, Oral PrEP’s, Social Behavioural and Vaccine
  • TB clinical trials: Diagnostic, Vaccine and Therapeutic
  • Paediatric Vaccine trials
  • Other vaccines and therapeutic trials
  • Large range of social behavioural trials