SRC prides itself on conducting high-quality clinical trials with excellent recruitment and retention rates and high-quality data.

The site’s core focus upon inception was conducting HIV prevention studies. Since then, the site has demonstrated the ability to expand its portfolio to include HIV and TB vaccine studies, TB diagnostic studies, Maternal and Paediatric studies as well as a number of social science, behavioral and multipurpose technology studies.

The site is well experienced in managing multiple and complex protocols and recruiting for challenging studies.

An overview of our experience across our research streams is briefly outlined below.

A full list of our completed and current projects is available.

Setshaba has established itself as an experienced HIVand other STIs research site, which is evidenced by our portfolio of HIV studies conducted.

We have experience in recruiting both low and high-risk population groups.

The center has experience with PrEP rollout as well.

Dr Khatija Ahmed (Setshaba CEO) also sits on various advisory committees that are at the forefront of HIV research.

Some of our HIV Experience:

  • All HVTN studies
  • Carraguard
  • FEM PrEP
  • FACTS 001
  • PrEP and Risk compensation
  • PrEP and Adherence

We have a demonstrated track record in TB prevention, TB diagnostics and TB treatment studies.

Our separate TB clinic ensures that we adhere to relevant health and safety measures at all times, in dealing with TB related research.

Some of our TB Experience:

  • TB018
  • NC006
  • TESEC 05
  • TESEC 07
  • NC008
  • Kharituwe TB Migration study

We have experience in conducting maternal and paediatric vaccine studies, including RSV, HPV and Meningococcal vaccine studies.

In addition, we have an on-site paediatrician, with expertise in the conduct of pediatric trials.

Some of our Maternal and Paediatric Experience:

  • ECHO
  • RSV
  • TRIO
  • HPV

Setshaba Research Centre continues to gain more experience in the ongoing covid-19 research, read more about our experience SRC has participated in the three major vaccine trials in South Africa, namely;

  • Astra Zeneca (ChAdOx1 nCoV-19)
  • Novavax (2019nCoV-501)
  • Ensemble (CoVPN3003 Janssen)

Setshaba anticipates conducting future COVID-19 trials as they develop.

We have experience in other areas of research, which include diseases like Impetigo, Oral Candidiasis and Influenza, to name but a few.

Additionally, the centre has experience in conducting social scientific and behavioural studies which include MPT acceptability trials of different MPT delivery methods (tablets, rings and injectables), and obtaining perspectives of individuals (both end users and health care workers) on different methods of HIV prevention.

Some of our Other Experience:

  • HIP
  • SBC preparedness
  • HSV2
  • Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathic
  • Tyrosur study
  • Impetigo
  • GROUP B streptococcus
  • CE049
  • Oral Candidiasis
  • Vistera
  • Parexel