In accordance with its mission and vision, the SRC strives to conduct research of benefit to the community, in partnership with the community.

The SRC recognizes community engagement as an important and integral part of all clinical trials. Community engagement is maintained throughout the study process, from the period before trial inception until the data is available and disseminated to the lay public. Engaging all relevant stakeholders as active and informed partners in decision-making about the proposed research and its implementation enhances both the scientific validity and ethical integrity of clinical trials.

The SRC has implemented a community engagement plan which comprises of ongoing and planned activities involving different stakeholders in the community. The SRC uses the Good Participatory Practice (GPP) guidelines for the Community Liaison Officers (CLO) and recruiting officers to educate and recruit the community. In addition, all relevant staff are GPP trained and can assist with information on SRC and studies in the community. The goal of all community activities is to increase research literacy and to get community involvement, engagement and support in all relevant fields of research.

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